Liebster Award

First day in and I got nominated…yay! Thank you to those of you who have been supporting me in my blog-making process. So, without further adieu, the rules are as follows:

. Acknowledge the blog(s) that gave it to you and display the award. 

. Answer the 11 questions that the blogger gives you.

. Give 11 random facts about yourself.

. Nominate 11 blogs.

. Notify those blogs of their nomination.

. Give them 11 questions to answer.

So, first and foremost, thanks to Cas at for the nomination.

11 Questions from Cas to me:

What was 7th grade like for you? (assuming you’re older than 7th grade)

Not great. It was a transition year that I probably won’t want to remember.

What’s the best pet you’ve ever met that didn’t belong to you?

Tiger – my aunt’s sun conure.

Who is someone underrated who should be famous?

Uhhhhh….Wysteria Campion (although, this blogger probably will be famous, eventually)

What do you do to feel better when you’re having a bad day?

Listen to music, primarily soundtracks.

What’s a song that you like that no one else seems to?

Let It Go                                         (Don’t judge)

If you could fly, would you?


What’s the best blanket you own?

A fluffy purple one that matches my fluffy purple pajamas.

If you were a weather, what weather would you be?

68 degrees, low humidity, dry

Lamps or nightlights?


Who’s the first person who comes to mind when I say “taco”?

“Mom on taco night” (something a cousin of mine said once in a very odd context, but it is now a rolling joke in my family, especially when Mom makes tacos.)

What’s something unusual that makes you happy?

When there are an equal number of Hershey kisses in each color of wrapper in any sort of dish (like if there is a bowl with three red, three green, and three purple wrapped kisses).

Okay, 11 random facts:

  1. Someday I want to train a kitten to walk on a leash.
  2. It has taken me all of my current school career (up until about a month ago) to be able to spell the word “necessary” without SpellCheck
  3. I have completed (with the help of my brother) the game Hyper Light Drifter
  4. The spicier the ginger in ginger tea, the better for me
  5. I played the Star Wars main theme at my first cello recital
  6. There are times in school when people question how much purple I wear
  7. The only place “outside” (there is a reason for the quotes) the country I have been is the Bahamas
  8. I have never been to Disney Land or World (someday, hopefully, I’ll go)
  9. If I got a ticket to Mars, I would totally go
  10. I have never been to a hospital (that I can remember clearly)
  11. I love to write about my fan-fiction universe where I have combine more fandoms then is probably necessary.

11 Blogs:

I don’t actually know 11 blogs that have not already been nominated (considering I started blogging yesterday), so, for 10 of those blogs, if you are reading this and have not been nominated, congrats! you’re nominated.

The one that I do know: Neill Robson at

11 Questions for Neill (and anyone else)

  1. Apple, Android, Microsoft, or Linux software?
  2. If you could play any instrument (other than one you already play), what would it be?
  3. Herbal, green, black, or white tea?
  4. What was your favorite song as a small kid?
  5. What is the best joke you’ve ever heard?
  6. Do you know what a viola is?
  7. Have you ever been out of the country? If so, where?
  8. What are some inside family quotes that you’ll never forget?
  9. Best board game? Best video game?
  10. How do you feel about autocorrect when texting?
  11. If someone gave you a free, two-way ticket to Mars would you go?

Thanks again for all of yall’s support! Your creative ghost, Creadora Fantasma

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